Committed to Protecting the Environment

The experienced and dedicated environmental law attorneys at Baron & Budd actively pursue justice in the area of environmental litigation and have proven over the firm’s more than 45-year history that the work we do is second to none.

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A Continually Growing Problem

Every day it is revealed that a new water source or air space is contaminated.

Public entities that provide public drinking water and operate stormwater/wastewater systems often find themselves financially responsible to address harm caused by major companies.

Water resources relied on by public entities are frequently contaminated before they are collected for delivery to the public, requiring expensive treatment.

Because no one holds corporate America responsible for water contamination, public entities must pay for cleaning or replacing the water themselves.

Water providers and private well owners should not be forced to endure water contamination.

We Are Not Traditional Environmental Lawyers

We are trial lawyers pursuing environmental torts on behalf of our clients.

Water Contamination & Pollution Lawyers

The essentials of life – our water supply, the air we breathe, the soil in which we grow our food – are so fundamental to our existence, one wonders how safeguarding them could even come into question. But the battle to protect our environment is among the most important ones we fight. Contaminated water, exposure to toxic substances, and food contamination are all preventable.

If you have been affected by water contamination, contact the Environmental Litigation Group (ELG) at Baron & Budd to discuss your potential case.