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The Environmental Litigation Group (ELG) is led by Scott Summy, one of the most successful environmental lawyers in the country. Under Summy’s leadership, the ELG has achieved unprecedented results.

Summy, Scott
Summy, ScottShareholder, Attorney at Law
Scott Summy is the leader of the Environmental Litigation Group (ELG) and a shareholder at Baron & Budd. ELG was started by Mr. Summy in 2002 and is comprised of 30 attorneys and support professionals who concentrate on large environmental litigation across the country.
Burke Pickrel, Carla
Burke Pickrel, CarlaShareholder, Attorney at Law
Carla Burke Pickrel is a shareholder with Baron & Budd. After several years in Baron & Budd’s appellate section, Ms. Pickrel joined the Environmental Litigation Group in 2004. As one of the pioneers of the Group, she has worked to develop legal strategy for cases arising from methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), atrazine,…
Evangelisti, Celeste
Evangelisti, CelesteShareholder, Attorney at Law
Celeste Evangelisti has devoted almost two decades of her career to representing individuals, municipalities and public water suppliers who seek to recover costs to clean up contamination from the companies responsible – those who put dangerous products into the stream of commerce without ensuring they will not cause…
Fiske, John
Fiske, JohnShareholder, Attorney at Law
John Fiske is California’s leading public entity-as-plaintiff lawyer and a shareholder in the San Diego offices of Baron & Budd. Since joining the firm in 2016, Mr. Fiske has obtained significant settlements on behalf of communities, having resolved more than $1.62 billion dollars for his public entity clients since December 2018…
Johnston, Stephen
Johnston, StephenShareholder, Attorney at Law
Stephen C. Johnston puts his degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences to good use as a shareholder with the firm’s Environmental Litigation Group, representing individuals and communities seeking clean-up costs for contaminated water supplies. Mr. Johnston began his career with Baron & Budd in 1997 as part of…
McDougal, Cary
McDougal, CaryShareholder, Attorney at Law
Cary L. McDougal, a shareholder with Baron & Budd, has served as lead attorney in more than 75 jury trials in state and federal court. Over the nearly two decades that he has practiced law, Mr. McDougal has proven to be a formidable trial lawyer with unflinching resolve to serve his clients. He has tried cases involving such diverse…
Land, Brett
Land, BrettShareholder, Attorney at Law
Brett Land is a shareholder in Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group. Since joining the Group in 2014, he has represented hundreds of individuals and public entities harmed by toxic contaminants. An integral member of the team representing more than a dozen public entities including cities, ports and states, Mr. Land…
Julius, Jason
Julius, JasonShareholder, Attorney at Law
Jason Julius cares deeply about the environment. That is what compelled him to join Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group in 2017. Bringing the polluters and contaminators of our precious natural spaces to justice is what drives Mr. Julius’ passion every day. In 2002, Mr. Julius completed his undergraduate education at the…
Sherlin, Torri
Sherlin, TorriShareholder, Attorney at Law
Torri Sherlin brings a lifelong passion for the outdoors to Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group in San Diego. Joining the Group in 2018, Ms. Sherlin shares her enthusiasm for safeguarding the environment by representing numerous California counties in their claims against negligent utility companies for…
Olsen, Staci
Olsen, StaciSenior Counsel of Electronic Discovery
Staci J. Olsen is Senior Counsel of Electronic Discovery in Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group, where she specializes in the management of electronic information and people in mass litigation. This skill makes her a critical part of the Group, which focuses on large-scale complex environmental torts. She leads an…
Campbell, Chris
Campbell, ChrisAssociate, Attorney at Law
Chris Campbell joined Baron & Budd’s Dallas Environmental Litigation Group in August of 2016. He works with our west coast environmental team representing municipalities harmed by hazardous chemicals, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and Trichloroethylene (TCEs), which have been allowed to leach into the soil and…
Edwards, Christopher
Edwards, ChristopherAssociate, Attorney at Law
Chris Edwards joined Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group as an associate in 2016. He specializes in Electronic Discovery, which has been especially meaningful for advising numerous public entity clients in complex mass tort matters relating to environmental contamination and wildfires. In addition to…
Gooding, Jessica
Gooding, JessicaAssociate, Attorney at Law
Jessica Catherine Gooding joined Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group as an eDiscovery associate in January 2020, where she manages electronic information vital to the firm’s large-scale complex environmental tort cases. Prior to joining the Environmental Litigation Group, Ms. Gooding spent a year working with Baron & Budd’s…
Kuruppillai, Sangeeta
Kuruppillai, SangeetaAssociate, Attorney at Law
Sangeeta Kuruppillai first worked for Baron & Budd in 2010 as an attorney in the firm’s Environmental Litigation Group, reviewing discovery documents for cases involving atrazine, an herbicide used for weed control in farm crops which has been linked to prostate and breast cancer and is thought to be causing declines of endangered…
O'Neal, Taylor
O'Neal, Taylor Associate, Attorney at Law
Taylor O’Neal joined the San Diego, California, offices of Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group as an associate in 2021. Ms. O’Neal knew she wanted to become an attorney by the time she was eight years old. A desire to make a difference in people’s lives compelled her to embark on her legal journey. A deep and abiding respect for the environment and keeping people safe….
Erin McIntosh
Erin McIntoshSenior Paralegal and Director
Erin McIntosh is a paralegal and director of the Environmental Litigation Group at Baron & Budd, where she manages all staff in the group. She brings more than 30 years of experience to her work on water contamination cases and wildfire litigation. Ms. McIntosh has been an integral member of shareholder Scott Summy’s ELG…
Jennifer Hutchison
Jennifer HutchisonParalegal and Manager
Jennifer Hutchison is a senior paralegal and manager of the San Diego office of Baron & Budd, where she has dedicated her time to Environmental Litigation since 2016. The many cases in which Ms. Hutchison is actively involved include wildfire litigation against Pacific Gas & Electric in the Butte, North Bay, Camp, Kincade, Zogg and Dixie fires…
Janell Green
Janell GreenParalegal
Janell Green joined the Dallas, Texas, office of Baron & Budd, P.C. in 2016. She works as a paralegal assisting our Environmental Litigation Group. She specializes in research, review, and tracking of documents and data (eDiscovery) in environmental tort litigation involving polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE)…
Kathy Jensen
Kathy JensenParalegal
Kathy Jensen has worked at Baron & Budd since 2010. She is a paralegal in our Environmental Litigation Group. During that time, she has worked on several cases, including the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, PCB litigation and GENX contamination. Ms. Jensen works with individual clients, businesses and property owners who have been harmed…