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Jennifer Hutchison

Paralegal and Manager

Jennifer Hutchison is a senior paralegal and manager of the San Diego office of Baron & Budd, where she has dedicated her time to Environmental Litigation since 2016. The many cases in which Ms. Hutchison is actively involved include wildfire litigation against Pacific Gas & Electric in the Butte, North Bay, Camp, Kincade, Zogg and Dixie fires; against Southern California Edison in the Thomas, Woolsey, Bobcat, and Saddleridge fires; against Liberty Utilities in the Mountain View fire cases, and against Pacific Power in the Holiday Farm fire, among other ongoing wildfire litigation.

Ms. Hutchison also works on PCB contamination cases against Monsanto, as well as litigation against Ametek involving a toxic chemical site under an elementary school. In addition, she helps coordinate representation of 37 of California’s litigating public entities in a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, distributors, and national retailers. She is also the lead paralegal representing hundreds of public entities and school districts in the California JUUL litigation. Ms. Hutchison enjoys all aspects of an active litigation practice, but especially relishes interacting with public entity representatives, individual clients, and property owners.

Prior to her career as a paralegal, Ms. Hutchison worked as a realtor and broker in Arizona, representing builders, banks, government-sponsored enterprises, and traditional homebuyers. After moving to San Diego and switching careers, Ms. Hutchison received her paralegal certificate from the University of San Diego and was honored for achieving the highest GPA in her program. She spends her free time with friends and family and enjoys working out, hiking, traveling and enjoying the beaches and beautiful weather that San Diego has to offer.