The City of Hartford, CT and the Hartford Board of Education have enlisted the national law firm of Baron & Budd to file a lawsuit against Monsanto Company for PCB contamination in several city school buildings. Hartford is the latest city to join Baron & Budd in the fight to hold Monsanto responsible for the cost of cleaning up these harmful chemicals. Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group is currently representing the cities of Spokane, WA, San Diego and San Jose, CA in lawsuits against Monsanto for costs associated with PCB contamination of storm water.

Hartford’s suit, which was announced on October 23, alleges that Monsanto used PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in many schools – as well as other structures – throughout the Hartford area. PCBs are man-made chemicals Monsanto produced for decades until Congress banned them in 1979. These chemicals were used in several materials found in buildings, such as caulk, paint, electrical equipment and many others.

The Dangers of PCBs

Unfortunately, many PCBs used before the ban are still found in many buildings today, putting both children and adults at risk. PCBs have been linked to many serious health problems in both humans and animals, including complications affecting the nervous, immune, endocrine and immune systems. PCBs have also been associated with cancer of the pancreas and liver as well as melanoma. Not only have they been found in the body’s plasma and breast milk, they are also known to accumulate in fat tissue, the liver and skin.

Monsanto has continued to deny responsibility for the costs associated with PCB cleanup, even though it contaminated the environment with these toxic chemicals for more than 40 years. Instead, it believes taxpayers should bear those expenses. Baron & Budd has filed similar lawsuits against Monsanto on behalf of school districts in Louisiana and Massachusetts.

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